Final Summary

This week has been great! The final project was a lot of work, but it was so much fun to make. My final project was composed of five different parts/chapters. The first and last chapters were entirely writing. The second chapter had a phone conversation. The third and fourth chapters had posters that complement the

Sammy’s Mission: The Final Project

Sammy’s final mission will leave you speechless. **NOTE: Read the posts in the order shown** There are five parts to the story that act as chapters. In each chapter, the link to the next chapter is at the end. Hope you like it!!

The Hard Truth

The squirrel led Sammy into an interrogation room and sat down at the table. “Why are you doing this?” Sammy asked him. The other squirrel smiled at Sammy from across the table. “Do you actually know what happened after you caught me in the peanut butter trap? You were recruited by the ‘Super Secret Squirrel

The Search for Answers

After a long search through Google. . . Sammy finally found something useful related to the Directorate: a propaganda poster promoting squirrels to join the Directorate and stop secret agents. This could explain why agents have been disappearing. How can I stop them? Sammy knew what to do. He was wary of going back to

A New Identity

With some careful research, Sammy put together a new identity. . . There were so many different options for the agent to choose when trying to find an occupation for his new secret identity. He read about other agents being photographers, billionaires, police officers, forensic scientists, nuclear physicists, lawyers, etc. He decided that he should

Mystery Caller

Just as Sammy was about to start doing research to find a new cover story, his phone started to ring. He had caller ID on his work phone, so he could see that it was a blocked caller. Sammy was wary about answering the phone, but he decided that he should answer it. There were

Mission: Directorate

What is happening at the Super Secret Squirrel Agency? Sammy A. Squirrel is on the case. . . Agent Sammy A. Squirrel was strolling through the Super Secret Squirrel Agency drinking coffee and eating a peanut butter cookie. He still could not believe that he was a special agent. Even though he has been doing

Week Twelve Summary

This week has been fun. I think my favorite part of this week was getting comments from Talky Tina. It honestly freaked me out a little bit at first, but I loved her feedback. Sorry for using the MEAN WORD, Talky Tina! I did not know you found it offensive. First things first, the daily