Week Four Summary

This week was a lot of fun aside from the fact that I started this week a couple of days later than I wanted. It all ended up fine in the end, so there was no need to stress too much. At the beginning of the week, I reflected on my current photography skills. After

Week Three Summary

This week been a lot of writing. I enjoyed it, though. I love writing and getting my creative juices flowing. Reading and Watching Storytelling I started the week off by reading a chapter The New Digital Storytelling. The chapter talked about what people think stories are (by defining what they are not) and how stories are told. I

Week Two Summary

This week has been more challenging than last week. It could be because I started doing the assignments a little bit later than I planned, or my other courses are also starting to take off. Quizzes, presentations, and note-taking try to drag me away from DS106, and most of the time, they are successful. I

Week One Summary

The first week of DS106 has been overwhelming and exciting. I did not expect to be operating so many different accounts for this class, but I am excited to see what new kinds of projects I can make. Getting Started and Introducing Myself The very first task I completed for this class was creating this