This week, all of the Daily Creates were connected together. The story is a little crazy, so bear with me! I hope it is entertaining. **This is a completely fictional story**

One day, the one and only Caitlin Holt’s heart was transplanted out of her body into the body of a young scuba diver. The scuba diver was relieved to know that family, music, and animals were all very important to their donor. After the scuba diver, Bobby, got out of his heart surgery, he heard one of the nurses talking about what happened to the girl whose heart saved his life.

“It’s crazy that this girl had complications after scuba diving, and now another scuba diver has her heart! What a crazy coincidence,” the nurse said. As Bobby heard this, he could not believe it. His heart donor was also a scuba diver! Bobby, being the curious young adult he is, leaned over and asked one of the nurses about what happened to Caitlin.

“Oh, honey. Have you been listening to our conversation? If so, that’s okay. We were talking kind of loud,” she chuckles and looks at the nurse standing next to her. The other nurse shrugs his shoulders. The first nurse makes a gesture for him to start talking.

“Oh, okay. Well what happened to Caitlin is a mystery. All we know is that it was not her first time scuba diving, so she knew what she should have known what she was doing. We don’t know what happened to her, she was found by other scuba divers that also happened to be diving in the area.” Bobby shook his head at the sad news. He was determined to figure out what happened to his heart donor. The only way he could possibly figure this out is if he hired an investigator. He did not know any investigators, though.

Bobby searched for investigators on the internet while he was still recovering in the hospital. He reached out to couple of investigators, but every single one of them said there was not enough information or pay for them to solve this mystery. Bobby was starting to lose hope in finding an investigator.

His younger sister, Caroline, came to visit him and they played their favorite game, Top Trumps. After the game, his sister left and took the game with her. Bobby was still stuck on what to do about finding an investigator for Caitlin’s accident.

After another long search on the internet for an investigator, Bobby decided to put his laptop away and call it a night. When he lifted up his laptop, one of the cards from the Top Trumps game fell onto the ground. The card was stuck to the bottom of his laptop. Bobby leaned over and picked the card up off of the ground.

The card was for Sammy A. Squirrel, one of Bobby’s favorite cards in the game. He looked at the card and said to himself, “If only you were real, Sammy, then you could help me figure out what happened to my hero.”

When Bobby woke up the next morning, there was a strong smell of peanut butter in his room. He sat up in his bed and looked around the room. Small, muddy paw prints were all over the floor. He followed the pawprints around the room with his eyes. The prints stopped next to his bed. There was something under his bed.

He leaned over the edge of the bed and hung his head to see what was underneath. He saw the figure of a squirrel with his paws in a jar of peanut butter. The squirrel starting walking towards his face. Bobby sat up and then laid back down. He had to be going crazy. He didn’t just see what he thought he saw…

“SAMMY A. SQUIRREL AT YOUR SERVICE!” The squirrel was now standing on Bobby’s leg. Bobby gasped and rubbed his eyes. “I think I may have solved the mystery, Bob.”

“It’s Bobby. And how did you get here?”

“I used my feet. But anyway, I think your friend was scared to nearly to death by one of those new scary sea monsters that were just discovered. It looks like a giant dog.”

“Wow. Thanks, Sammy. How did you figure it out? Everyone else I talked to said they couldn’t do it.”

“Bob–Bobby, I looked at your search history on your laptop. You were not offering them enough money. Lucky for you though, I accept jars of peanut butter for payment. I prefer creamy and smooth, but crunchy is okay too.”

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