I love to take pictures! I am definitely not the best at photography, so I am excited to hopefully get better.

I mostly take pictures of my pets (Hunter and Shadow- my cats, Thor- my dog). I also like to take pictures of the nature around my house. Whenever I am on vacation, I like to get cool photos of monuments, trails, signs, etc. Here are just a few of my favorite pictures:

I do have some experience with photographing people when I was in photojournalism (yearbook class) senior year of high school. My yearbook teacher always encouraged us to take pictures of kids standing in front of cool backgrounds at an interesting angle with lots of natural light. (Most of the pictures were not meeting all of the expectations, but we tried!)

Usually when I take pictures, I do take into the consideration the background, the light, and the angle I am at while getting ready to take the photo. I have never really tried to capture a feeling in a photo, but it is something I would like to try.

An image can create a narrative by itself if it has a “character,” some drama, and a good background. Any picture could have a narrative if the interpreter is creative enough, but the character(s), drama, and background/setting are important. An image tells a story by putting a character in a situation/setting that can help the viewers make connections and grasp a story. For example, with the seagull at Alcatraz, it could be my characters in the pictures. It is in a way being dramatic sitting on an old railing, and the Golden Gate Bridge is in the background. The whole image together almost makes you wonder what the bird is doing just sitting there facing the bridge.

After reading the resources, I realized I could do many things to improve my photography skills. I could play around with the different settings on my camera to create different effects on the photos. I also need to work on getting ready to take pictures BEFORE “the moment” (whatever it may be) happens in order to get a great shot. I found it interesting that a tip from the resources was to have a great foreground and a great background. For some reason I always thought that you can only have one or the other, otherwise, it would be too much in one picture.

I can’t wait to improve my photography skills and share the results with everyone! Stay tuned for some (hopefully) awesome pictures!

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