When I first started this assignment, I had no idea what scene to use. All I knew is that I wanted to use a scene from The Bourne Supremacy. This movie is my favorite Bourne movie and one of my favorite spy movies. I have professed my love for the Bourne movies many times before, so I will try not to do it too much more.

I chose my favorite scene in the movie for this video essay. It is a great example of director Paul Greengrass’s signature camera styles. He is known for handheld cameras and filming behind the characters, giving off the feeling that you are spying on them. It is a great technique for the Bourne series.

In the video essay, I discuss many different parts of the scene. I paid close attention to the camera work and where the focus was in the scene. The scene was mostly focused on Jason Bourne’s finger on the trigger and Pamela Landy. She was mostly focused on from over someone’s shoulder or through Bourne’s scope on his sniper. I also discussed the movement and how the drama intensified in the scenes along with new information being discovered by the characters.

I had a difficult time trying to time what I wanted to say. I had to make sure I had enough time to say one thing before the next point was shown. I made use of freeze frames to buy more time to talk about certain points. The pauses were necessary not only for me, but also for the viewer so they can stop and think about what is going on.

I also had a hard time recording myself narrating the video. I kept getting tongue tied or getting lost in thought while doing the voice over. I recorded myself in sections in order to avoid having to start over completely each time I made a mistake. This method actually worked out very well. It gave me time to actually think about what I wanted to say next and review the video before I recorded myself. This is a struggle that I have faced with just about every recording for this class. I always mess up once it starts recording, whether its video or just audio.

I am happy with how this video turned out. It was interesting to see all of the different design elements in the scene after learning about them from the videos we watched this week. I never realized how much thought goes into scenes, and I cannot wait until I see the different elements in the next movie I watch!

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