Create a movie trailer based on your character and your class theme. For mine it was spy themed. So, I made mine about a cover for my character. I used iMovie to make mine and it was super fun and simple. Post it to YouTube then blog about! Be creative and have fun with it!

Assignment Bank- Video Assignments

“Secret Agent Squirrel” is the most anticipated movie to come out in 2020. Have you seen the official trailer for it yet?

In order to make this video, I used the Spy trailer template in iMovie. I have made a trailer in iMovie before, but it was more difficult this time because I did not have as much starting material.

This video is basically a compilation of squirrel videos. I found the videos on YouTube and downloaded them using this downloader. It was not too difficult to find funny videos of squirrels. I pretty much downloaded like three or four videos that were between 2 and 5 minutes long. I just grabbed different clips from those videos to put into the template in iMovie.

I used this squirrel video (which is pretty funny), along with this one, this video with a squirrel running, and (1) video with peanut butter, (2) another video with a squirrel and peanut butter.

Something that I found surprisingly difficult to do was come up with a title. For some reason, iMovie made it so the title had to be three lines with the template I chose. The original title I had in mind was just “Mission: Skippy,” but it did not work with the title video. Once I came up with “Secret Agent Squirrel,” I liked it better anyway and decided to go with that for the title.

This video took longer than I expected, but it was fun to make. It definitely meets the standards of a four-star assignment. I was a little worried at the beginning of the week when we had to complete five stars of video assignments related to the class theme or our characters, but I am glad someone created this assignment. I had never made an iMovie trailer on my computer before (I used my phone when I made one a couple of years ago), so it was new, and something I would consider doing again for another assignment.

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