Create A Pinterest Board Of Your Dream Vacation This is an assignment for dreamers!   If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, create one! Next, take a moment and contemplate where you would want to go. A vacation does not necessarily mean you have to select one place to travel to. It can involve a variety of locations.   Start off by creating a “board” for your dream vacation. All you have to do to create your board is click the “create a board” option on your main profile page. 

Next, embed a link of your “Dream Vacation” Pinterest board in to a blog post and write out a brief summary of the trip you desire. It’s up to you what you want to write about, but some ideas would be:   – Talk about if you feel like this trip will be possible for you someday, why or why not? – What is required for your dream vacation to come true? (Don’t just say money, do your research.) – Do the place(s) you plan to go have a different native language? If it’s an exotic trip, are there legal requirements, such as shots, visas, etc.?   Really get to know your dream vacation– maybe it’ll happen someday!   Here is a link to mine. You can use it as an example or simply enjoy it!!

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My dream vacation consists of going to the beach (Hawaii, Florida, the Caribbean, etc.), a cabin in a woods, European destinations (Italy, Spain, Germany, etc.), and Alaska. I would also love to go to an amusement park like Six Flags or Disney World again. It is a very diverse selection of vacations, so the Pinterest board is really interesting.

The pinterest board is not embedding, but here is a screenshot of the board:

As of this blog post, there are 113 pins on the board. It was really easy to pin a lot of posts in a short amount of time. If you like a picture, you simple click the little red push-pin, and then it’s pinned!

One of the many different dream trips are definitely possible, and I would love to do as many as I can one day. I have been dreaming of going to Hawaii for the longest time, and I think it would be so cool to go to a luau. I would honestly love to go to any of the destinations that I mentioned earlier.

In order to go on one of these vacations, it will require hours upon hours of planning and making a budget. Traveling is expensive. Everything adds up very quickly. Plane tickets are not cheap, so it would be ideal to be able to drive somewhere (even though gas is pretty costly also at times).

Many of the places that I would like to go to do have native languages. In Hawaii, Italy, Spain, Germany, etc. have their own native languages that I would like to learn at a little bit of if I would travel there. I am already learning Spanish, so that means Spain would be a great option for me for a dream vacation. Most people in Hawaii speak English, but Hawaiian is still used in some parts of the islands or just for tradition.

It was fun creating this Pinterest board. As I was doing this assignment, I almost tried to stop myself one time because it felt like I was just taking a break. This is a great assignment for dreaming about and kind of organizing a dream vacation using only the internet and its infinite resources.

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