Too bad Facebook was not around for most of history! Use the Fakebook tool to make a Facebook profile for a historical figure and make a fake tweet for the same character using the Twister tool. See for Abraham Lincoln the example of a fake facebook profile and what he might have tweeted

Make sure what you create is coherent with the person’s background, and explain what it might have meant for that person to use Facebook and twitter “way back then”. Include screen shots and links to what you created, and elaborate on what their use of social media might have been like if it existed for them.

Assignment Bank- Web Assignments

Using quotes from Albert Einstein, I created a Fakebook profile and a Twister profile for him.

First, I made Einstein’s Fakebook profile. Most of his posts are real quotes from the genius himself. I added biographical information about him, like his birthday, his family, and where he was born. The friends that are on this profile were some of Einstein’s friends when he was living.

Next, I made a Twister page for Einstein. I was not able to get a link to the page, but I have a beautiful screenshot. The “tweet” is a quote I really liked from Einstein. The date I put for the “tweet” is not an exact date. I looked up when he said the quote, but I only got the year, so I just made up the date. The picture of Einstein for both profiles was automatic from the websites used.

I think if social media like Facebook and Twitter existed while Einstein was alive, he would probably post his quotes and math jokes. I don’t know if he would post about his theories or not. If I were Einstein, I would not post my theories unless I wanted feedback because I would be scared someone would try to steal them. I feel like Einstein would have also used social media to share random facts or videos of himself playing the violin. He would have had a great presence in social media that would improve the lives that followed him.

This assignment was super fun. I chose Einstein because I have done presentations on him in the past, so I already knew what he was like. I love his quotes also, so I thought it would be a good idea to share his quotes as posts on the fake profiles.

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