This week has been great! The final project was a lot of work, but it was so much fun to make. My final project was composed of five different parts/chapters. The first and last chapters were entirely writing. The second chapter had a phone conversation. The third and fourth chapters had posters that complement the story.

This project is mostly writing, but the phone conversation and posters also took a lot of time to make. The phone conversation took about two and a half hours to record and edit. There was also a lot of time put into brainstorming and writing out the conversation. Each of the posters took more than an hour to compete.

During this project, I learned about new ways to make posters and audio. While I was making designs for the story, I figured out that I can find the color that is in a template I want to use. Being able to find the same color as the template allowed me to customize the posters and the ID badge with ease. In Audacity, I learned that I can split tracks and move them around with ease. This was very important to me because it was a feature in another program I used that made me use that one instead of Audacity when completing assignments earlier in the semester. The split tool saved me a lot time when editing the phone conversation.

I am really proud of my final project because I feel like it ties the course together well. My story connects back to the character dossier I wrote when first introducing Sammy A. Squirrel. The story provides a conclusion to the character and the course. For this project, I stepped out of my comfort zone when making a phone conversation.

Overall, I have really enjoyed this course. I love to be creative and it has been super fun making stories with my own character. This has been the only class this semester where I have been able to be creative and write stories. I enjoyed completing assignments that were outside of my comfort zone. I learned how to edit audio and better ways to take pictures. This has been my favorite class that I have taken in college so far (even if this is only my second semester). I have loved seeing everyone else’s work throughout the semester, and I can’t wait to see how everyone else’s projects turn out.

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