With audio programs, making a song from scratch suddenly becomes really, really easy. Programs like GarageBand come with their own loop selection, but if you are using a different program, try downloading bass riffs or back beats and go to town! Or download beats from Youtube- wherever. The challenge is to make a song without recording anything yourself.

Assignment Bank- Audio Assignments

I had a lot of fun making this song in Garageband on my laptop. I just chose some funky beats and put them together in a groovy way.

I used the Apple loops in the program to make this song. It was helpful that I found a collection of loops that contained different instruments and connected together well. It took me a little longer than I thought to make the song, but I am happy about how it turned out.

I have used Garageband in the past to do this kind of task for fun, however, it had been a few years since I made songs with Apple Loops. It did take me some time to even find the loops because the program had been updated significantly in the last couple of years.

The song uploaded to SoundCloud is not the first version that I came up with. I did not save the first version as a new song, rather I just deleted what I did not like and added the different elements to create the song you heard. The introduction of the song is the same, but I changed everything else. I wish I saved the first version as a separate file before I made any major changes.

For the song title, I just decided that the music was pretty funky, and the theme of my websites is squirrels, so there’s my title.

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