The assignment, Actor Development, is really fun to do. It took a lot more work than I expected. If you don’t know where to begin on this assignment, look no further! This tutorial will give you tips and instructions on how to do this Mashup Assignment.

The instructions for this assignment are:

Create a 2-3 mins clip on an actors development chose your favorite scenes from these films from there early film credits to now and show their development mash them up and then give a brief description on why you chose the actor and how they have developed as an actor.

First things first, you have to choose an actor/actress. When I completed this assignment, I chose the actor Johnny Depp. Choose an actor/actress that is one of your favorites or has appeared in a variety of movies. Some ideas for actors/actresses could be: Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Dwayne Johnson, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock, etc. You can choose anyone you want.

After you choose an actor/actress, choose some of your favorite movies they have starred in. If you are not familiar with their films, go to Google and just type “famous movies” before or after the actor/actress’ name. For example, for Johnny Depp, you can see the results from the Google search.

Searching for movies with Johnny Depp

After you have chosen some movies that your actor/actress has starred in, it’s time to find them on YouTube! Simply type in the movie title into YouTube and hit search. You can also type the name of the actor/actress after the title if you want. Here is an example using Johnny Depp and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

Finding movie scenes on YouTube

Go through the results that come up and find a scene that you like. If you cannot find any videos, try some different keywords. Like if you only typed in the movie title, try to include the name of the actor/actress. If you did include their name, take it out and see what results you get. It is easier to use more popular movies when searching for scenes on YouTube. If you continue to struggle trying to find a scene, you can choose a different movie, especially if the actor/actress you chose has many films. REMEMBER: It’s not too late to change the actor/actress you chose. If you’re having a hard time finding movie scenes, just choose a different actor/actress.

After you have chosen a video, open a new tab, and find a website that will download the video for you. Be careful with this step. Some websites are not safe. I used y2mate downloader for all of my videos. In order to use this downloader, you simply copy the URL for the YouTube video of your choosing, paste it into the search bar in y2mate, and choose an option for your download.

Downloading scenes from YouTube

** Do not hit the start button that appears next to the search bar on the website. It opens a new tab that is not part of the downloader. Choose the quality you desire for your video. The higher the resolution is, the more clear the video will be. Be careful when you are choosing resolutions for all of your videos. Try to choose the same, or similar, resolutions for all of your videos so the final video looks unified.

It is helpful to create a folder that holds all of the video files in one place. It is important that none of the videos get lost in your Downloads folder, so a folder labeled with “Actor Development” or the name of your actor/actress would be a good idea. I did this when I was completed this assignment, and I found it very helpful.

The next step is to put all of the scenes together. If you are working on a PC, you can use Windows Movie Maker. If you are working on a Mac, you can use iMovie. I used iMovie to make my video, so the tutorial is with iMovie, however Windows Movie Maker worked similarly to iMovie the last time I used it.

The first thing you have to do is import the videos from your folder to the video editing program.

New project in iMovie

Start with a new project, and click the import media button with the arrow above it, shown in the picture above. Once you click that button, a screen will come up asking you where you will get the media from. Find your folder with the videos and select them all using Command+A or Ctrl+A if you are on a PC. Then, click the “Import Selected” button.

Selecting all of the videos to import from Actor Development folder

Once all of the videos are imported, they will appear on the left side of the screen, as shown below. To add the clips to your video, simply drag and drop them into the bottom section.

At this point, you can either trim the videos as you go, or you could drag them all in and trim them later. If you want a scene that is in the middle of a clip, you can split the clip, as shown below, and precisely get the clip you need.

Click with two fingers (or right click) to get to this menu, and click “Split Clip” for where you want the clip to start
Split the clip again where you want the clip to end
Pull up the same menu again and delete the clips you do not want

Continue to edit the clips as you please. The best idea might be to keep the order of the videos in chronological order by age, but you can edit the videos however you like. After you have all of the videos edited, you can stop there. If you wanted to, you can add a title in the beginning and the titles of the movies as the clips appear, along with an ending note.

All of the titles of the movies and the beginning and end are added in the same way. First, you go to the Titles section in iMovie.

Titles section

The titles will appear where your imported videos have been. Look at the titles and find one that you like. To put the title into the video, simply drag and drop it just like with the imported videos. To edit the text, click on the text box on the right (with the red box around it in the picture) and get to typing.

Inserting a title and adding text

Then your video is complete! I hope this tutorial was helpful and you had fun! If you have any questions, ask!

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