This week, we had to answer questions in an interview. The answers I provided go with my character Sammy A. Squirrel, however, he is not pictured in the video.

The interview questions were interesting, but they were actually not too difficult to answer. I answered seven questions, and the answers all go with my secret agent character, Sammy A. Squirrel.

I thought it was going to be hard to complete this assignment. I was worried about having a difficult time filming myself again as I have in the past. I did put on a “disguise” for the video which was just a pair of sunglasses and a hat. I left my room a little dark to make things more secret agent-ish.

I used iMovie to edit the clips together. In order to film myself, I just used the camera on my laptop. The lighting was from a little light I have on my desk. It was pretty easy to film and edit, so I am not sure why I was nervous about completing this assignment.

I like the way the video turned out. The video is a little strange, but with weird interview questions, you get weird answers.

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