Today, we have the luxury of fast computers with lots of memory and power. However, that wasn’t always the case, and graphics designers had to make due with very limited capabilities. For this assignment, you are to draw a person, vehicle, or otherwise intricate object. The catch is, your image can only be 16 pixels by 16 pixels! Work to express as much detail as possible in the space allotted. If the size is not constraining, you are not setting your standards high enough! Feel free to enlarge the picture before putting it online, but remember that your resolution must still be that of a 16×16 pixel image.

Assignment Bank- Visual Assignments

Just horsin’ around and making artwork that is only 16×16 pixels. I think it took me longer to find a good application than it did to paint the picture…

This is a picture of a horse I painted on a 16×16 px canvas. I used the application Paintbrush for Mac OS X and it brought me back to when I would play with Microsoft Paint when I was little. I never made anything that looked like this horse, and I am actually surprised that this turned out well. It looks a lot like the picture I was referencing (see beautiful horse below). I don’t know exactly why I chose to draw a horse besides the fact that I felt like drawing a horse. It was the first “intricate object” that I could think of, so I just went with it.

It was challenging to put as much detail in as possible without the whole thing becoming just a giant glob of brown. I figured out that if I use 25% or 50% opacity for a color, then it would be easier to add more details while still keeping the image of a horse. The picture I provided of my 16×16 px masterpiece is a screenshot of the actual image zoomed in, otherwise, it would just be a giant blur. It was also difficult to figure out the sizes for the face, ears, neck, etc. because just taking off or adding one block can completely change the picture since the image is so small.

Overall, I had a really fun time creating this horse. I did find it more challenging than I thought it as going to be. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I didn’t know it would take a while to find a good application to use, figure out how to use it, and then draw a detailed picture on a tiny canvas.

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