What is happening at the Super Secret Squirrel Agency? Sammy A. Squirrel is on the case. . .

Agent Sammy A. Squirrel was strolling through the Super Secret Squirrel Agency drinking coffee and eating a peanut butter cookie. He still could not believe that he was a special agent. Even though he has been doing this job for quite some time now. He walked past everyone’s desks, dropping crumbs all over the place. The squirrel took a big bite out of his cookie and gave one of his fellow agents a big smile and thumbs up. Crumbs spilled from Sammy’s mouth and onto the ground. He squeaked, “Oops,” and then kept strolling around the Agency.

He took a big sip of his coffee and nearly spit it out when he spotted the Director approaching him. Sammy quickly gulped down the coffee and stood up straight. The Director smiled at Sammy and grabbed what was left of his cookie out of his hands.

“SKIPPY! Boy am I glad to see you,” the Director takes a bite out of Sammy’s cookie and pauses. “Mmm, this is great! Is this peanut butter?”

“Yes, sir.” The Director devoured the rest of the cookie, and then he looked around at his surroundings.

“This place has gotten so empty in the last couple of weeks,” he said before he quickly glanced around and got close to Sammy. “Have you heard about what has been happening?” he whispered.

“No, sir.” Sammy kept his composure despite the awkward situation.

“The agents have been disappearing,” he continued to whisper, “and I have no clue what is happening. You know… I’ve been thinking… Maybe you could look into some things and help us out.”

“Of course, sir! I’m on the case.” Sammy paused and a large smile disappeared from his face. “But, sir, how will I do this? Is there any intel on the matter?”

“I don’t know, kid… you’ll have to ask Ja–nevermind he’s gone. Maybe you could ask R–nevermind she’s gone, too. Ummm, maybe… no. Nevermind, kid, there is nobody who can help you. But I have full faith in you. You’ll figure it out.”

The Director gave the squirrel a hard pat on the back and walked away. Sammy started to brainstorm some ways that he could figure out what is happening to the agents. He could use his investigative journalism skills, even though it may be difficult to investigate something besides peanut butter. He could get in touch with some other writers for the newspaper.

Suddenly, a large hand grabbed his shoulder. Sammy’s heart began to race, and he quickly spun around to see who was behind him. He exhaled in relief when he recognized one of his fellow agents. He could not remember the agent’s name at the moment, but it was on the tip of his tongue.

“Oh! It’s just you…” Sammy paused, but still could not remember the agent’s name. “How are you…?”

“Sammy, did you hear about what happened?” The agent knew Sammy’s name, but Sammy could not remember the other squirrel’s name, no matter how hard he tried.

“Yeah. The agents have been disappearing. I’m on the case to find them.” Sammy continued to think through what this agent’s name could be. He knew it started with a “D.” David? Daniel? Duncan? Or possibly an “M.” Martin? Mason? Morgan? Or maybe an “R.” Richard? Ryan? Ramsey?

“No. All of our covers have been blown. Sammy, the Directorate is after us.”

“What? You’re kidding right?”

“I wish I was. You better get a new cover and get as far away from here as fast as you can.” The squirrel whose name Sammy could not remember was suggesting surrender.

“So, just disappear? Like all of the other agents? Is that what has been happening?”

“Yeah, Skippy. I’m not sure if that has been what is happening, but… it’s a possibility. What else would you do?”

“Investigate the situation, figure out what the Directorate has on us and what we can do to stop them. You know, the stuff that we’ve been trained to do.”

“Okay, Sammy. That’s a good idea.”

“Great, so how are you going to help me?” If Sammy was going to work with this agent, he would have to know his name. It’s got to start with a “T.” Thomas? Timothy? Travis? Todd? Tucker? Timothy? Wait I already thought that. Sammy thought through all of the names he could think of. He still had no luck.

“Ummm… why would I do that? The Directorate is the most mysterious, powerful villain known to squirrels, and mankind. So, no. I’m not helping you, Sammy.”

“But you just said it sounds like a good idea…” Sammy did not care what this agent’s name was anymore. Well, maybe a little bit.

“Yeah, good for you to do. I ain’t doing that. I’m going to be relocated to a nice family in Wyoming tomorrow. I can’t let my kids lose their father.”

“But you don’t even know the kids yet. I think you’re nuttier than me. But don’t worry, I won’t remember you as a nut. I’ll remember you as more of a coward. You always have been, no lie.”

“Hey, calm down. I can’t help it. I’ve got a family to support—start supporting tomorrow. I can’t go on missions anymore, Sammy.” The agent was still nameless in Sammy’s eyes. Agent Squirrel rolled his eyes.

“Fine, enjoy your fake family. I’m going to figure out who the Directorate is and what has been happening to out secret agents.” The squirrels parted ways and Sammy was still trying to figure out the other agent’s name. He knew that he has talked to him before, but did the squirrel ever even tell him his name? There was something suspicious about him… Maybe he is a double-agent. Sammy made a note to himself. Keep on the lookout for Big Squirrel Agent.

Even if the squirrel was a double-agent, Sammy was still considering coming up with a new cover story, just in case his cover was actually blown. He would have to do some research about it. . .


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