Just as Sammy was about to start doing research to find a new cover story, his phone started to ring.

He had caller ID on his work phone, so he could see that it was a blocked caller. Sammy was wary about answering the phone, but he decided that he should answer it. There were plenty of important people who could be calling from blocked numbers. He decided not to risk letting the phone go to voicemail for someone important. He picked up the phone.

Sammy’s Phone Call

Sammy sat shocked at his desk. Who could this mystery caller be? And how did they know who I am? He quickly started doing research to find a new identity for himself. If he was going to try to get the information he needed to save his fellow agents, he would have to become a new person. It was no longer safe for him to be Sammy A. Squirrel anymore. A new identity seemed a little extreme, but Sammy did not know what else to do.


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