Create a trailer out of movie clips, tv show excerpts, news sources, viral videos, or even other trailers. Consider which pieces you are combining and what the new message is. Here is a template for a movie trailer green  screen intro. Have fun!!

Assignment Bank- Video Assignments

For this assignment, I chose to make a new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. I know the movie is a few years old, but it worked too well with the Pinocchio trailer.

The audio in the trailer is from the original Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, and I thought that it would be funny to play the Pinocchio trailer with the audio. Ultron is singing and referencing Pinocchio throughout the trailer, so I just added the wooden puppet. I made this trailer in iMovie using only the trailers for Pinocchio and Avengers.

The message for the trailer is no longer just about Pinocchio. Now, it’s about Pinocchio taking over the world, and the Avengers are trying to stop him.

It was really fun making this video. The hardest part about editing was trying to align the audio well with the video. There was significantly more audio from the trailer with the Avengers versus Pinocchio, so I did cut a lot of audio out. Most of the audio I cut was just music or Ultron talking. I did cut a short conversation between Iron Man and Black Widow out of the video also.

Since I wanted the trailer to mainly focus on Pinocchio, I did cut out some clips of just Jiminy Cricket. There were some points in the trailer where he was talking, but it did not fit with the audio for the Avengers, so his scenes did not make it in the final cut.

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