In order to promote my group’s radio show, I created a poster featuring the title of our show and our secret agent characters. The poster does not contain too much information, but then again, there is not too much information to share.

In order to design this poster, I first came up with a general idea of how I wanted everything to be laid out. I knew that I wanted the title of the show in large text at the top, and the character’s names to be somewhere below the title in a somewhat large text size. I started off with all of the text first, and then I added in pictures where the poster looked a little blank.

The biggest awkward white space I had was next to the title “Super Secret Opinions.” At first, I added only the magnifying glass. The magnifying glass still did not fill the space to my liking, so I added the question marks inside of it. It was also hard to figure out what to do with the space around the secret agents’ names. The first two names were shorter and more cooperative, but “Sammy Squirrel” gave more some difficulty. I ended up making his name into two lines so the pictures around the names could fit more comfortably.

The poster is entirely in black and white. I think the contrast between the black and white make up for the lack of other colors. Whenever I think of top secret information, I think of black and white files in Courier New. I was actually considering putting a classified stamp on the poster, but it would have covered up important images and text. I was also thinking about just trying to cover the names, but the area of the image could not cover all three names. It would not be fair to cover only two out of the three names on the poster, so I decided to go without the classified stamp.

I love everything about graphic design, so this poster was super fun to create. I had an even better time creating it knowing that it was promoting our radio show that will be on the air in just a few weeks.

I shared the promo on Twitter. Check it out!

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  1. Nicholas Thompson


    I enjoy the monochromatic color scheme. It truly compliments the whole secret agent feel, and how less information is necessary on the surface unless one looks closer

  2. Reply

    I love your poster! The black and white fits the theme and makes it pop. Also the graphics look really cool and fit perfectly. I certainly want to tune in and give your show a listen when it airs.

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