Create a story that uses words that begin with the letters of the alphabet consecutively. For example, A big cat dug eight… But you have to go all the way to the letter Z. Try to make as much sense as possible. Or if you really can’t, then go crazy. Be creative and have fun!

Assignment Bank- Writing Assignments

I decided to rework the assignment “A Story in Alphabet” because I think I can write a better story. I think I may be forgetting how difficult it was to do this last time though. The original story I wrote was apocalyptic, so this time I wanted to try to write a brighter story.

The new story I came up with is:

All blissful cats demand exciting, fun games: hiding, indulging, jumping. Kittens love meeting nice, older pets. Quietly running, scaring, tackling uncontrollably, vases wobble. (E)xcited youths zoom.

I was unable to find a good word for the letter x again. I did succeed in making the story lighter. Rather than the topic as the apocalypse, it is about cats and kittens, no surprise there! I significantly revised this story, as in I changed it entirely except for the letter A.

By changing the topic of the alphabet story, I significantly revised and reworked this past assignment. I really enjoyed reworking because now I know that I can write more cheerful stories that somewhat make sense using the letters of the alphabet in order. The story sounds kind of like a poem to me, but I like poems, so it made the story even better.

It was fun to get in touch with my creativity for this assignment. I did remember how difficult it was to find good words for the letters x and z.

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