For this assignment you need to mash up two different iconic movie scenes. However, you should aim to be as subtle as possible. Perhaps a famous prop that simply doesn’t belong or a character that looks a little out of place.

Assignment Bank- Mashup Assignments

I mashed together two iconic movies scenes in order to get this interesting final product. The obvious movie is Rocky, but can you tell that something is mashed up with it?

You can see the bike from E.T. in the sky in the background. I realize the bicycle is probably too large, but it’s still the bike from the famous scene from E.T. The difference is fairly subtle, but it makes for a funny mashup.

In order to create this mashup, I first went through a list of iconic movie scenes. I had a couple in mind already, but I wanted to explore more options. I came across this scene from Rocky, and I knew it would be perfect for this assignment. I also knew that I wanted to do something with E.T. whether it was the bike or the scene where E.T. wants to “phone home”.

I used Adobe Photoshop Mix on my phone to create this image. It hard to cut out the bike from E.T. onto the image from Rocky. The bicycle was relatively small, so it was hard to move around and scale. I was cautious not to make the bike too small because then it would be difficult to tell what it is.

This mashup was really fun to make, and fun to look at, also. It was hard trying to maneuver the pictures around and actually find good pictures to use, but I like how it turned out. In the end, the difficulties only improved my photoshop skills.

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