The theme for this class is secret agent. I really like the theme. I’ve been watching a lot of secret agent movies lately, so it’s cool that the class follows this theme. I really like the Mission: Impossible movie series and the Bourne series. (Most of what I did over winter break was watch almost all of the movies in both series; I still have one more Bourne movie to watch!)

I think with the theme, we can take on a different identity for the class, or even multiple identities. This class can give us the opportunity to express ourselves on the internet in a way we never have in the past. With taking on different identities, we can also try to view or create things with a different perspective in mind (if that makes any sense). I would like to try and explore different ways to express myself on the internet. Just as if I was a secret agent operating outside of the law, I would like to break down barriers I may have when it comes to what I might post and on which accounts I might post it. As a group, we can all push past what might have been stopping us from sharing our talents or creations with the world. I have not been taking on a secret identity so far, but I feel like it would be something fun to do.

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  1. Paul


    I like your thoughts on the flexibility of the theme. People who are more introverted can choose to be someone else, playing a role that makes them feel safe and gives them cover to express themselves.

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