For the final project, I decided to put Agent Sammy A. Squirrel to work. He is after the Directorate, and the Directorate is after him, also. I will tell the story of how Sammy faces off with the mysterious Directorate. The story will be across many different media platforms.

I have already started the writing part of the project. I wrote out the story of how Agent Squirrel got his mission, also while developing some more characters. I am also going to write a new cover story for Sammy (maybe one where he can be around peanut butter more often). Most of this story will be connected with mini stories that help explain what is happening and to give context for the other types of digital media.

I am also planning on creating posters with design. The posters will be from the Directorate or the Super Secret Squirrel Agency trying to capture bad guys/find their agents. Wanted posters, propaganda posters from the Directorate, Missing Person posters, etc. will most likely be the designs I am going to make. I might also make an ID card for Sammy A. Squirrel’s new cover.

For the third type of media, I was considering audio or video. For audio, I was thinking about making a phone call between Sammy and the Directorate or another agent. The phone call would be a continuation of the story that I started writing this week. For video, I was thinking about making a video that mashes up famous cover stories from movies or TV shows. It would serve as Sammy’s research for finding a new cover story. For a video, I might also make a propaganda video from the Directorate.

By the end of next week, the story will be complete, and I will have the posts linked to one another or one large post that puts all of the parts of the story together. I am excited to see how this turns out!

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