Create a compilation of the most important scenes or events from a movie. Essentially, combine the major plot points into a short video.

Assignment Bank- Video Assignments

At first, I thought this assignment was going to be easy. I did not realize how hard it would be to spoil a movie decently in 30 seconds or less. I did go a little over (just by a couple of seconds).

I chose to spoil the movie “The Bourne Supremacy” because it is one of my favorite secret agent/spy movies. It was hard to choose scenes that would spoil the movie. A lot of the major points needed context from different points in the movie. The video does not actually seem to spoil very much. I was not sure how I liked the video for this movie, so I decided to try a different movie.

Editing the Bourne Supremacy Spoilers

I also compiled some spoiler-worthy scenes from the movie “Salt”. I know I only had to do one video for the assignment, but I wanted to see if a different movie would be easier to do. It turns out that it is just hard to make a video of spoilers in 30 seconds or less. I feel like there are still some things missing from the Salt Spoilers video because time is limited. I did include a scene that especially shocked me when I first watched it, even if it may not actually be a spoiler. I chose “Salt” because I remembered that plot twist, and I thought it would make a better video.

I ended up posting both of the videos on YouTube because I could not decide which one I liked. I think they both turned out okay in the end, though. I don’t think I needed to make the second video now that I think about it, but it did not hurt. After making the first video, the second video was faster to make.

Editing the Salt Spoilers

I downloaded all of the videos from YouTube using this downloader.

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