Now that we have a #ds106 radio up and running creating a 15 to 30 second bumper for the station. What is a bumper? It is a short recording that identifies the radio station with signature music or an expression that makes sure the listeners know what they are tuned into (see So for ds106 it should certainly include “DS106 Radio” and some sort of message about the station with voice over music.

Assignment Bank- Audio Assignments

I changed this assignment slightly to better fit our group’s radio show. The bumper I created is kind of like a concluding bumper for the show. It just thanks the audience for listening and tells them to listen in again next week (even though there won’t actually be another show).

In order to create the bumper, I found a good spy theme song on Freesound and added my voice. At first, I accidentally used the same song as I did for my first bumper from audio week. I decided that I wanted to change things up and use a different song. I found the current song on Freesound and knew it would work out great. I made sure to have music on both sides of the bumper because I feel like it gives the audience more focus on the message. The music fading out on the end makes it easier for a commercial or new show to begin afterward without an awkward jump in the sounds.

I cannot wait to record our radio show in just a couple weeks. I know the show will turn out great and all of the hard work will pay off. I can’t wait to hear everyone else’s radio shows as well!

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