I met with my group this week for about an hour to discuss our radio show, “Super Secret Opinions.” We had a great discussion about how the show was going to play out and what everyone is going to contribute to the show. We also have a Google document that we all have access to and can edit that has the layout of the radio show along with what we are all contributing.

We all decided that we are going to record the radio show as if it was live. We already have a time set to record the show together after spring break. We work well together, and I can’t wait to see how the radio show turns out in the end.

So far this week, I have made a poster to promote the radio show, radio bumper, and commercial to be in the show. I shared the poster on Twitter to get classmates and other DS106 tweeters excited about our show.

This week, I created a radio bumper for the radio show and a commercial that could be included in the radio show. I wrote posts about each creation, found below:

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