This week, we met in the HCC and recorded the radio show. We had an outline prepared in a Google Doc so we could follow along as we recorded the show. We already recorded our commercials and bumpers last week for the radio show, so this week all we had to do was meet up and record the show.

I was initially nervous to record the show, but after we went over how the show was going to go, I felt better. The radio show was very similar to a talk show with a host and two special guests. We discussed what we think about secret agents and which ones we thought were the best, based on our own definitions.

In order to record the radio show, we used one of the group member’s laptops. To edit the show, we used Audacity. After we added all of the commercials, background music, and bumpers in, the show sounded really professional.

It was great working with my group. We got along well and had no problems with setting up times to work and assigning things to do on our own. We each contributed equally to the discussion, as well as creating commercials and bumpers.

This group project was probably the most organized group project I have ever participated in. We all found a good time to meet twice and had little to no complications when recording and editing the radio show.

I can’t wait for our show to air on DS106 radio and for everyone to hear it. I am proud of our work, and I also can’t wait to see what everyone else has created!

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