I chose some cool cinemagraphic shots from The Bourne Supremacy to analyze and use as examples for the different aspects of images.

I found many aspects of images in this shot of Jason Bourne burning Marie’s passports and pictures. You can see Bourne in the moment that he is burning her belongings. Since the fire and Jason Bourne have a lot of attention, there is balance in the picture with a simple background and surroundings. The photo is lit well, with most of the light on Jason Bourne.

This picture has a lot of contrast, and the single light makes the audience focus on Jason Bourne. Balance is prominent in this shot, also with Jason Bourne being balanced out by dark surroundings. The selection of Jason Bourne writing in his notebook at this angle is great because it almost makes the viewer feel like they are there watching him from afar. It is also an important scene in the movie as he is trying to remember his past by writing down the details from nightmares he has.

I like this shot, and the shots where you can see through the scope to see what Jason Bourne is seeing. I could not get a good photo of the scope, so I thought this would be good, too. There is a lot of contrast in this picture with his skin against the black of his shirt and his gun. I like the perspective on this shot because it is different a different view of Jason Bourne with his eye in the scope. Other shots just show him from the back or side, but this angle from the front gives everything a different feel.

Those are all of the aspects of images found in the movie The Bourne Supremacy! There are many great shots in that movie, but I feel like these shots in particular had many different aspects all rolled into one picture.

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