Take Tina’s head and place it on another person or animal or fictional character or something. The original idea was to swap a babies head (now I ain’t saying Tina is a baby) and a dolls head. So like you could find an image of a baby and a doll and put the dolls head on the baby and the babies head on the doll. Just search “Talky Tina” on the web and stick her head on something else.

Assignment Bank- Mashup Assignments

I found Talky Tina’s creepy head through a quick Google image search. I had a great idea for who I was going to put her head on. Who better to have a creepy doll head than the transformer, Bumblebee?

I think if Talky Tina was actually a transformer, she would definitely be one creepy Decepticon. I edited this photo together using Adobe Photoshop Mix on my phone. It was a simple cut and place edit, although I did have a difficult time trying to cut out Tina’s head. I think I might have lost one of her pigtails in the process, but we could just say that it’s over her shoulder.

This assignment was really quick and easy, but also fun. It’s funny to see the doll’s head on the body of a giant transformer. The picture is kind of disturbing, but so is the picture of Talky Tina just by herself. This was a fun mashup.

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    Hey! Who are you calling disturbing, Bub? Are you looking for a little bit of a midnight trip? Plus you keep using the MEAN WORD at me. What, are you NUTS? You better keep you squirrelly eyes peeled the next time you are out near the bird feeder. #DSTMW #TDLTMW.

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