I completed the Talky Tina Assignment this week, but I also decided to remix it. The remix was as follows:

Add a sidekick. Any media medium. Introduce what you think the main figures sidekick should be into the work.

Remix Mashup

So, I added a sidekick for the Talky Tina Transformer. Behold: Annabelle Autobot.

The creepy doll transformers are going to save the world… or more likely destroy it. For this remix, I thought it would be funny to have another creepy doll head put onto yet another transformer. It was funny, and it is actually pretty disturbing. At least they have each other now. They won’t be creepy doll transformers left isolated among the other normal transformers.

For this remix, I used the Adobe Photoshop Mix app on my phone again. My skills in the app are increasing as I am using more and more for this class. I may be able to mix other things together well outside of this class now. It was kind of hard cropping out Annabelle, but it was completely worth it in the end. I hope you enjoyed this remix as much as I did!!

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  1. Reply

    Well, you are using the MEAN WORD! Don’t you know that I don’t like the MEAN WORD? Like you said it three times. What are you thinking. It is not a way to be a TRUE FRIEND.

    Plus, that Annabell is just a poser full of plastic, not a true artiste.

    • Caitlin


      Talky Tina, I am truly sorry I used the MEAN WORD so many times. I did not know that you did not like it. I won’t do it again. I hope we can still be TRUE FRIENDS.

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