Create a 2-3 mins clip on an actors dvelopment chose your favrioute scenes from these films from there early film credits to now and show there development mash them up and then give a brief description on why you chose the actor and how they have developed as an actor.

Assignment Bank- Mashup Assignments

I chose Johnny Depp for this assignment because he has played so many interesting roles in movies. He has been an excellent actor in all genres that he has starred in. I wanted to make a video showing some of the different characters he has played over the years. The video shows his development over the last 28 years (1990-2018). Not all of his movies are included, just the ones I have either seen or heard of.

Over the years, Johnny Depp has played a large variety of characters. From a Cry-Baby to Captain Jack Sparrow to the Mad Hatter to Grindelwald (from Fantastic Beasts), it seems like there is no role Johnny Depp can’t play.

I really love how this video turned out. You can watch Johnny Depp’s roles diversify as he acts in more and more movies. These are not even all of the movies he has starred in, but these were some of my favorites. I especially love the scene I included from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where he just says “I don’t care” to Violet.

Editing Actor Development – Johnny Depp

The hardest part about making this video was trying to find the scenes I wanted from the movies. It was also hard to shorten the clips once I got them into iMovie. I had a hard time deciding which pieces of the scene would be the best to include in the video. In the picture of iMovie above, you can see the clip from The Lone Ranger split into three different parts. I was trying to decide which clip I wanted to keep.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video as much as I enjoyed creating it. Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors, and it was cool to make a video to show his development over the years.

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