What if plants and animals could all communicate without humans understanding? Write either about a conversation between two non-human living things or through the point of view of one non-human witnessing people go about their daily lives. How would a really old tree feel about having always been in the same place but everything change around it? What would a squirrel feel towards pesky humans who always scare them away? Be creative, go deep or go humorous, have fun!

Assignment Bank-Writing Assignments

This story is based on some animals that I absolutely adore.

The Monster

Everything was calm in the house at the moment. Humom was dumping water on her head in the strange room with sinks. I still don’t know why she likes the water on her. Maybe it’s because she never gives herself time to bathe herself. I always offer her my tongue when I feel like she’s extremely unclean (which is way too often).

Anyway, then she put on her fur for the day. I think it’s cool that she can have different fur whenever she wants. I wish I could change my fur sometimes. Long, black fur is not the best fur when it is warm in the house, especially in the sun. After she put her fur on, I followed her down the stairs into the room with food. I made sure to rub my scent on her legs again so she could remember that she is mine. Since she is mine, she has to share any and all food with me. We shared some milk with little treats in it. The little treats smelled weird, so I just drank the milk.

Life was good until she walked out of the food room and into the scary room and rolled out its monster. It was a hideous and loud beast that ate anything in its path. It was sleeping at the moment, so I decided to sneak up on it. I slowly peeked around the corner. I stepped a teeny, tiny kitten step towards it, and then another, and then another, and then I was right next to it. I was almost close enough to get a good sniff, but then it started to growl and roar. I flew into the air and made myself all big and scary. How was humom standing next to this monster?

It started to slowly move towards me. I watched as it ate some of my hair off of the ground. It was coming after me! I sprinted away to the darkest place in the house: underneath where my humom sleeps. There was no way it could find me there. I waited under where my humom sleeps for a long time. I fell asleep, but then I heard it. The monster found me! I could hear it hissing and roaring. It got louder and louder until all of a sudden, it was dead quiet. I saw some shadows coming towards me, so I prepared myself for an attack. My paw was ready to smack the monster, but then I saw my humom’s face.

“Humom! You killed the monster!” I meowed. She started making some weird noises, which usually means that she is going to rub me or give me food. I crawled out from the darkness to see what she was going to give me. She must have been really happy that the monster didn’t eat me because she gave me rubs and snacks. I let her rub my back until I decided it was time for her to stop. I gave a quick evil eye as a warning to stop. She kept rubbing me, so I gave her a quick nip on her paw. She made some more weird noises (but these were louder now), and then she walked away. I don’t know what to say; she should know not to rub my back for more than ten seconds.

About this Story

This story was really fun to write. It was inspired by my own cats that I have at home. Here’s a picture of both of them (yes, they both look almost exactly the same):


These are my cats, Hunter and Shadow. This is a picture of them from a couple of years ago. Shadow is on the left, and Hunter is on the right. They are both very afraid of the “monster” in the story.

When I first started this assignment, I was a little stuck because I did not know who to make my star of the story. I was stuck between my dog, just one of my cats, and a conversation between my cats (or the cat and dog). I ended up just writing in the perspective of a mashed-up persona of both of my cats. They both beg for food and treats whenever they possibly can, and they have their preferences for when and how long you should “rub” them. I thought it would be funny to write about their perspective on the vacuum (the “monster” in the story) because they cannot stand it. I really enjoyed writing this story, and I love how it turned out.

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