Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds. Another example (by a UMW student):

Assignment Bank- Audio Assignments

This short story could be relatable for some people. I used Garageband to create this short story using only sound effects!

I did not know what kind of short story would sound good using only sounds when I first started. Everything I could think of had some kind of dialogue or visuals that were needed in order for everything to make sense. I honestly couldn’t tell you how I came up with the idea of my final short story.

So, the story is meant to start out with someone running late and getting into their car. They start speeding, so a cop pulls them over. As the cop is walking over to the car and give them a ticket, cars speed by, along with police cars. The cop runs back to their patrol car and follows the other fellow cops.

I like how the story turned out. I could have definitely kept going, but I was reaching the time limit (90 seconds), so I decided to wrap it up. It was easy to find the sounds in the Apple loops, but it was harder to trim the sound clips to my liking.

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