After a long search through Google. . .

Sammy finally found something useful related to the Directorate: a propaganda poster promoting squirrels to join the Directorate and stop secret agents. This could explain why agents have been disappearing. How can I stop them?

Propaganda Poster

Sammy knew what to do. He was wary of going back to the Super Secret Squirrel Agency (SSSA) headquarters, but he knew that he needed backup. The agent ran to the headquarters to try to find someone who could help him. There were very few agents left in the building, but he was more shocked to see the agent that moved to Wyoming a couple of days ago.

“Sammy is that you? It’s been a while. Everyone has been worried.” The big squirrel agent walked slowly toward him. Sammy still could not remember the other agent’s name.

“Oh, yeah. I guess I forgot to tell you guys that I left. That was my fault; sorry for any trouble I caused.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. Secret agents are meant to disappear without a trace,” the agent said with a grin. “You were only doing your job. What is your job now, Sammy?” The big squirrel paused for a second and then continued. “Ah, that’s right. You work at Jif Community Hospital as a medical assistant. Who would have guessed?”

Sammy stood shocked. How did he know about my new secret identity? What is he still doing here instead of with a family in Wyoming? He shrugged his shoulders.

“Nobody would have guessed. That’s exactly why it would have been a good identity for you. No one would suspect you to work at a hospital. So, the question is… What were you running from? A scary phone call?” The squirrel grinned. Sammy froze.

“Are you just now putting the pieces together, Sammy? Did you finally figure it out? Did you figure out who the Directorate is, Sammy? I’m guessing you did since you came running in here.”

“Well, actually… I came here looking for answers. I don’t know who the Directorate is, but I think I do now. Is that why I can’t remember your name? Is it because you never actually worked here?” Sammy finally spoke to the other squirrel after its long monologue.

“Wait. Wait. Wait just a second. You don’t know my name? Seriously? After all that we have been through? At least you recognized me, though. You probably just can’t put your finger on where you have seen me. Maybe I could show you something to jog your memory.”

Wanted Poster for Big Squirrel

It all came back to Sammy. The big squirrel was the same squirrel that he caught in his peanut butter trap in Central Park. The capture that also gave him a place at the Super Secret Squirrel Agency.

How long has the squirrel been tracking me down? What does he want with me? Sammy did not know what to do. The squirrel grabbed Sammy by the arm and put him in handcuffs.

“Come on, Sammy. Let’s take a walk.”


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