What a great week! Super Secret Opinions is complete and I cannot wait for it to air on DS106 radio. I was surprised at how easily our group completed the project. It really helped that we all worked well together and were organized.

The progress of the radio show this week was reported in the following blog post. The link to the radio show is not in this post, but it is actually embedded in this weekly summary! Downloading is enabled on the track on Soundcloud for easy access. There was not too much to say in the progress post. The whole project was a smooth ride, with very little to no complications.

Daily Creates

There were only two Daily Creates this week. It was nice to have less of these assigned because I had a lot of work in my other classes this week, along with the radio show. When I get absorbed into work for other classes, it does make it difficult to check and complete the daily creates, no matter how simple they are.

For my first Daily Create of this week, I shared a picture of wood and water. This picture was taken in London over spring break. It fit the Daily Create well, and I wanted to share it anyway, so it worked out perfectly. You can see different landmarks in London in the picture like the London Eye (the big wheel thing on the right), and I think the Parliament building; however, I could be very wrong. The body of water in the picture is obviously the water aspect of the daily create. The trees (and possibly some of the buildings) are the wood aspect.

For the second Daily Create this week, Prince Charming was kidnapped and we had to tell the story behind it. I thought it would be funny if he was kidnapped to go to a bachelor party. I got the idea from watching an episode of the TV show Friends. One of the main characters was married, and he and his wife decided not to have bachelor/bachelorette parties. But he later finds out that his wife’s friends threw her a surprise bachelorette party before their wedding. He was upset, so she decided that it would be fair for him to have a bachelor party, even though they were already married.

Last, but not least: The Radio Show!

Check out our radio show on Soundcloud! We’re so proud of it, and we can’t wait for you to hear it! I am so excited to listen to other groups’ radio shows next week!

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