This week was a lot of fun aside from the fact that I started this week a couple of days later than I wanted. It all ended up fine in the end, so there was no need to stress too much.

At the beginning of the week, I reflected on my current photography skills. After reading some resources on becoming a better photographer, I thought about what tactics I could use to become better at taking pictures. The blog post “Amateur Photographer” includes all of this information and some of my favorite pictures that I have taken over the years.

I did the rest of the assignments a little out of order. The next part of this week’s assignments I completed was the 12 stars worth of visual assignments. After scrolling through the assignments in the assignment bank and noting which assignments I found interesting, I picked ones that were a little outside of my comfort zone.

I ended up doing four assignments in order to get to 12 stars, and they focused on some tasks that ranged in difficulty.

For this assignment, I photoshopped my dog onto the UMW campus using an app on my phone called Adobe PhotoshopMix. I also used this app for the assignment in the “Nutty Dollar” blog post (coming up next). This assignment helped me get accustomed to how the app works and any restrictions I may have when using this app.

Agent Sammy “Skippy” Squirrel made a special appearance on some national currency for this assignment. I did face some more difficulty editing Sammy onto the dollar than editing my dog onto the campus. The biggest problem I had was trying to hide Washington’s hair behind Sammy’s head. The president and the secret agent squirrel have different shapes, so it was hard to make the bill look realistic. This assignment took a significantly longer time than the first assignment, but then again, it was worth more stars. I also gained more mastery with the Photoshop app on my phone, which I used to make one of my Daily Creates for this week (seen later in this post).

There was no photoshop involved in this assignment, but it was still challenging. I had to find a high-resolution picture of a recognizable secret agent, try to put a quote next to him that could be his, and find the name a similar secret agent that he could be confused with. I had the hardest time trying to find a name that was recognizable, but also not well-known enough that the cover would be blown immediately (so to speak). It was fun playing with the fonts while also thinking about balance and other aspects of images.

This was the last assignment I completed, adding all of the stars up to twelve! It was more drawing that taking pictures, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The challenge was to make a detailed image using a 16×16 pixel canvas. I did have a difficult time finding and running a paint app on my computer until I found Paintbrush, a free painting software that operates very similarly to Microsoft Paint. I am proud of how my tiny picture came out and would definitely use the application again to paint/draw for other assignments or just for fun.

Daily Creates

We were assigned to do three Daily Creates this week. As always, there was a wide range of topics, from celebrity-food puns to spending money gained from investing in BitCoin.

I used the PhotoshopMix app on my phone to make this picture of Ariana Grande Cappuccino. It was a simple cut and blend to get the picture together. I think the hardest part was trying to come up with a clever pun. I spent some time looking at what other classmates put for their puns, and outside internet sources that make their own puns accompanied by literal images. I don’t know how I got to Ariana Grande, but all I know is that this is a pretty okay pun.

I did not know how to start this Daily Create at first. I was looking at hashtags of family and cats to find an endless pool of teams and, well, cats. I didn’t see anything that I wanted to write a six-word memoir on, so I starting to look at other tags. I looked up kindness and then somehow got to joy. This image came up from the tweeter, Kari Joys. She tweets a lot, so I had a hard time finding the link to this photo again. I loved the quote so much that I decided this would be the best six-word memoir.

For the last Daily Create of the week, I wrote about the first thing I would do if I did not have to worry about money anymore. I would definitely help my parents pay off their house and repay them for what they contributed to my college tuition. They do so much for me, and I will be forever grateful for their sacrifices. While I am on the task of paying things off, I would also pay off my student debt.


I do not know why, but I was hesitant to complete the Photoblitz assignment. I might have been worried that I wouldn’t be able to complete all of the tasks within the time limit. As soon as I completed it, though, I realized that I was just being ridiculous and it was actually fun to take out my camera and capture pictures I had never thought of capturing.

I actually ended up taking a lot more pictures than I thought, so I showed some of my bonus pictures at the end. I had forgotten about this camera, too, since school started, so it was really fun to take it out again. I like how the pictures turned out and can’t wait to start using my camera more often. Who knows, I might end up doing a 20 minute Photoblitz just for fun.

Cinematography and Secret Agents

I waited to do this assignment last because I thought it was going to be difficult, like the Photoblitz. It was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. The hardest part was finding the best scenes, and then getting good pictures of them to put in the post. I found all of the aspects of images in a couple of awesome shots from The Bourne Supremacy.

After doing this assignment, I realized how much thought goes into every shot in movies. The lighting has to be perfect, everything has to be balanced, the moments have to be dramatic and interesting (or build up to something interesting/dramatic).

Question of the Week

How were you inspired by others in the class this week? How did you try to inspire or contribute to the class this week?

Week Four: The Man with the Golden Camera

I was inspired by my classmates this week by just seeing the different visual assignments they completed and other assignments as well that I was more hesitant about. I used their work as examples to follow. With the visual assignments, their own work inspired me to go out and also try that assignment. I tried to inspire and contribute to class this week by trying to do visual assignments that I did not see anyone complete at that time. I did this to show classmates that are not as comfortable with visuals that there are many different assignments to do, not just photoshop.


Comment on Kendall’s blog

I have been commenting on my classmate’s posts. I am still probably not commenting as often as I should, but I am going to try to comment on posts every day next week. I have commented on other posts, but I cannot remember which ones and on whose blog. Next week, I will also try to keep track of my comments.

It has been a great week and I can’t wait to see what next week has in store!

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