The first week of DS106 has been overwhelming and exciting. I did not expect to be operating so many different accounts for this class, but I am excited to see what new kinds of projects I can make.

Getting Started and Introducing Myself

The very first task I completed for this class was creating this blog. I had to make a blog for my First Year Seminar last semester, but I had kind of forgotten how to do it. I learned how to make a subdomain, and it worked out well! I probably spent a little too much time on the blog this week, but it might get me ahead for next week.

I started my blog off with a quick introduction post:

After registering my blog through the site, I set up accounts specifically for this class. That meant a special Instagram and Twitter account just for you all! I just have my YouTube channel linked to my personal Gmail account. My channel has a video I made in my AP US Government class on it from senior year, but otherwise, it is empty. I now have a second video on my channel (woo hoo!): the introduction of myself for DS106!

It took a couple of attempts to make that video, but I am happy with how it turned out. It was hard to figure out what to say in the video and how to say it. I did not want to sound like I was reading off of a script, but I wanted it to be a little outlined. Another problem I had was finding the right place to look. I know I should be looking at the camera, but I was also watching myself on the screen (I used my laptop to record the video). This video had my eyes looking the least crazy, so I just went with it.

I found the Twitter and Instagram introductions to be easier, but it was definitely because I am more familiar with those types of accounts. I actually had multiple Twitter and Instagram accounts before I started this class. (Fun fact: My dog and cats do not control their Twitter/Instagram accounts!) Here are the Twitter and Instagram introductions:

At the beginning of this week, I did not know what SoundCloud was. I had heard of it and seen it online, but I never knew exactly what it was. Now I know that it is a place to share audio, whether it’s a story, poem, song mashup … whatever you want! Just like with the YouTube introduction, I made many attempts to get the best intro I could. I ended up making a really short intro of myself, but I think of it as being short and sweet. Here is my SoundCloud introduction:

I have all of the introductions together in an earlier post I made on this blog. Here’s a quick way to access it!

Thoughts about Theme

I really enjoyed writing about the secret agent theme of this class. I think it is a fun idea, but I did hit a wall when I was trying to write a post about it. It was kind of hard to think of what we could make of the theme. I read through some of the resources provided on the Weekly Assignment and thought about the secret agent movies that I watched over winter break. Here is the blog post– reading it might help understand what I am talking about…

I got the idea of having multiple identities from the Bourne series. In the movies, Jason Bourne has a suitcase full of at least a dozen passports with a different person on each one. These different passports help him be successful on missions where he cannot use his own identity. I also got the idea from just my own thoughts on identities and the internet. I definitely have hesitations of posting a video of myself on the internet, and I am sure other people do also. These kind of secret identities can help relieve the stress of posting the video, picture, writing, etc. and allow people who are more shy to express themselves freely.

Final Thoughts

This weekly assignment challenged me in some ways, but overall I like how everything turned out. I am probably going to tweak some aspects of my accounts, possibly becoming more anonymous. (It might be too late for that… oh well!) I enjoyed creating this blog and customizing it to reflect my personality. It is not completely customized and ready yet (I still have many, many more cool features to figure out), but it is getting there. I would say that the theme on my blog is simple and clean (as of this post), and it is visually appealing to me. The theme is subject to change, though, so stay tuned with that.

This week, I learned how to upload audio on SoundCloud, embed posts/uploads from all of my accounts into a blog post, and add links to all of those accounts in the footer of my blog! I also learned that this is going to be a fun class!

ONE LAST THING: I want to share this little logo I made with you! It is not too impressive; I made it fairly quickly, but I think it’s cute. If this is going to continue being the logo of my blog, though, I am going to need to put more work into a better picture and more creative title. I’ll leave that for another week!

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  1. Paul


    I love that you went ahead and made a logo. Just taking that initiative is awesome, but it came out really well on top of it.
    If you want to tweak things to be more anonymous, go right ahead. You can take content down, and you can even adopt a new persona if you so choose. Show what you want to show and be who you want to be.

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