For this assignment create a place by just using sound. For example, make the listener know where they are if outside use birds, cars, etc. You can get sounds from 

Assignment Bank- Audio Assignments

Welcome to Jurassic Park! Cue the theme song. I decided to create the feeling that you’re in Jurassic Park using sounds from Freesound. I found some really great dino and forest sounds to use for this assignment.

I chose to create Jurassic Park using sounds because I love the movies and I think dinosaurs are cool. One of the hardest parts about this assignment was finding sounds that sounded like dinosaurs and not other animals. I listened to countless sounds to find the best ones. I tried to do some kind of layering to make the sounds seem more natural. I am not completely sure how well that worked, but I like the way the sound clip came out.

I used Audacity to edit the sounds a little bit and make the sounds fade into one another more naturally. It was fun learning how to use Audacity this week and be able to create cool sound clips.

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